We can ...

  • Supply information in response to specific enquiries
  • Direct you to sources relevant to your enquiry
  • Images of Bristol & Bermuda
  • Carry out historical research on your behalf. For purely family history research, we suggest contacting the Bristol & Avon family History Society via our Links page.
  • Supply illustrative material for research or publication
  • Supply publications from stock or locate and purchase on your behalf
  • Undertake illustrated talks, lead guided walks
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Temple Local History Group continues to support our local history community and personal researchers by providing further downloadable information (via access password), and free of charge by e-mail or at the cost of reproduction if any, plus postage. This service is only made possible by support from for professional enquiries. If you wish to benefit from membership of the group, please supply a written statement accepting that information we provide you will only be used for your private or non-commercial use. [You may of course want to use it commercially # at a later date, at which time a rate or donation can be negotiated]. A condition of the free membership is that you are willing to provide information in exchange that can be shared with other members for the benefit of the group. Membership of TLHG and the site password is provided at our discretion and we reserve the right to ask for a donation towards group funds for any time consuming or complex enquiries.
Resources The following Examples of some Resources which we can access for you ...
  • Bristol Street Directories & Lists
  • Bristol Guides, 18th - 20th Century
  • Population Lists
  • Poll Books
  • Published Biographies
  • Public Lists (Civic Offices)
  • Company House Journals (Wills, Mardons, etc.)
  • Workplace Accounts & Biographies
  • Please note we have limited not continuous runs of directories. But check, we may cover the years you are researching
  • Maps (published & manuscript)
  • Topographical history of England
  • Photographic records Bristol & Bermuda
  • Photographic transparencies (35mm) & prints Bristol & Bermuda
  • Water systems, c.1270 to present day
Historical records
related to Bristol & Bermuda
  • Bristol Church guides, Architectural & Event booklets, related items, people & places, Parish Magazines (indexed by church)
  • Bristol books
  • America - books, directories, genealogical studies & peerages; includes significant primary and secondary resources for Bermuda & West Indies
  • Bristol and Bristol region Guides
View a listing of Bristol Templar publications and others available through history4u
See a searchable index to TLHG publications:
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TLHG has also published a series of Bristol Explorer leaflets - guides to various aspects of Bristol. View the Bristol Explorer index
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