Latest article from the archives: No.33. Dated April 2010

How well do you know Bristol and in particular Redland? Now is your chance to learn more. This series of short articles under the generic title 'Redland Past Revisited' have been written for a Bristol community magazine, The Redland Directory', (In February 2010 became The Redland & Westbury Park Directory).

Within these pages over the last three years I have addressed topics ranging from the origins of street names, secret tunnels, urban myths, (maybe they are true!), artistic lampposts that were approved by Elgar, considered a possible stopover for the Tardis, and a famous sharp-shooting army captain who filled his own rifle cartridges in his kitchen!

More articles will be added, generally monthly, after they have been published in the magazine. So to get the latest ones as they come off the press, contact Nick Clarke see email address below. When visiting our website check for the Latest article: No and date top right of this page for any updates.

About the directory
Nick's full-colour A5 magazine is free to local residents, and to minimize the carbon footprint, (but not shoe leather), it is hand delivered free of charge to 6,000 homes. The directory is a valuable local resource and offers local businesses a very cost-effective advertising opportunity. If you think that you are within the catchment area and would like a copy or would like to advertise in it or have community news that you would like publicised call Nick Clark on (0117) 330 6095 / 07919 926 975 alternatively e-mail nick@redlandandwestburypark.co.uk.

If you have any interesting news, stories about Redland, Westbury Park or Henleaze or perhaps topics that you would like to see included in future issues contact either Nick (at above address) or ourselves at www.history4u.info

Index of articles:
01 Redland Green Fountain its history - Mar 07.
02 What's in a name - Metford Road.
03 1758 Weather report.
04 The Railway comes to Redland.
05 Redlands own urban myth.
06 Roads after Waverly Novels.
07 Spot the Roman Road sign in Redland.
08 Right on the line.
09 A Christmas Story.
10 Recycling - without messy pavements.
11 - Curse or Urban Myth.
12 Redlands black Flag day.
13 The Red-land of learning.
14 Scotland in Redland.
15 Raise up your eyes.
16 Runes in Redland.
17 Another Urban Myth.
18 Remember Remember the 25th of November? Brave & stoical children.
19 Road Crossings & Patten makers.
20 In Limbo, Typo or fact.
21 Who remembers the Bellman?
22 Coloured clays in a Redland - éncaustic.
23 Australia & Colston meet in Redland.
24 House name for the highly numerate or a Tardis ® stopover?
25 Celebrating Bristol Ingenuity.
26 The building of Redland.
27 A 15century Bishop inspires 19century bristol schoolmaster.
28 Charlottes Needle.
29 Santa's Chimney challenge.
30 Mystery Markers.
31 Eighteenth century recycling.
32 Professor Henry Hoke in Redland Green
33 Redland Green; Then and now.
34 Corridors of Curiosity - See Current publication for article

Lastly, if these articles prove to be of general interest I would also be willing to put up a similar series of short articles for the Henleaze suburb of Bristol, that I have written for Henleaze Society Magazine.