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Bristol Curiosities - 25 Chapters, illustrated, ISBN 978 1 84158 589 5
Author: Julian Lea-Jones

Bristol for centuries home to explorers and innovators, has long been recognised as one of the most written about and recorded places in the land. But there are always interesting curiosities that slip through the historic net. Julian Lea-Jones has unearthed a collection of some of the curious, bizarre and sometimes weird and embarrassing events and people that almost escaped from the records.

Although history is often written about with the advantage of the perfect vision of hindsight, and is usually written about in sober tones befitting a serious subject, our ancestors also had as active and ribald sense of humour as any modern stand-up comic. Many of us are familiar with examples of this humour to be found in medieval churches but in Bristol we also have jokes and puzzles in stone. Who but a comic would dream up a notice that reads - 'Half this wall is the property of…' or hang the letter O on a drinking tankard as a literary allusion? Some of the people were even stranger. Learn about the visionary who proposed a flyover to link Clifton to Brandon Hill, "to reduce the declivity". Or the crusader knights who deviously deferred to the city fathers.

Clocks, docks, roads and rogues, heroes and weird…Oh yes, don't forget people's bizarre beliefs. Find them here - enjoy the adventure.
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