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Crusader Knights in Bristol and the West Country
Temple Chronology
Subject Index (searchable) 1980-1999
Bristol Explorer leaflets (As written to date)
Images (extensive gallery as gifs planned, (hi res versions available by arrangement)
Trade & Industry
Chemical Works, Alum at Temple Back
Sperry Bristol on Temple Back – a thousand year review of the site

Bristol firms, images from 19c Directories, 35 advts to date
Avon Local History Archaeological Members Newsletter, current issue, (For this service we have to pay a membership subscription on our members behalf).
Project Reports & Info‘;
Jacobs Well summary for talk for International Congress Medieval Metals Paper
St Johns Conduit Book Transcsript
St Johns Conduit at St Johns Church – photograph
USA and Bristol list of Biographical links
WATER index of articles
The ancient springs of the valley of the Sandbrook (Clifton Bristol).
Quiz Answers
The Clifton Walk

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