history4u and Temple Local History Group are run by the founders, who are Bristol born and educated and have extensive family links across the UK and overseas. Both have many years experience in researching and publishing medieval history, industrial archaeology and their own family history as well as many aspects of the history of Bristol, entailing fact-finding expeditions to the British West Indies, the Bahamas, the USA and Europe. As a result the group has access to significant documents and archives relating to many facets of Bristol and genealogical history.

Information and research enquiries are only open to those offering information in exchange.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL USERS OF OUR INFORMATION Temple Local History Group is glad to be able to continue to support amateur local history and amenity groups. The only proviso to this continued free supply of research information is that if you request information to use in your personal or amateur research project you agree to acknowledge Temple Local History Group or the copyright owners as the source and to provide a statement to us confirming that your request is for non-commercial use (see box on the enquiry form).

If at some future time you publish or use the information commercially, we then expect and require an agreed or negotiated contribution to our funds towards the cost of maintaining our website and resource. We no longer charge a subscription to Temple Local History Group members and it is only these contributions together with research funds that enable us to run the website and to continue to provide our friends in the local history community with research information free of charge.