Were any of your ancestors (1890s to 1920s) members of Christchurch Parish in the centre of Bristol, England?


If your answer is “Yes”, we may have some interesting news for you.




Historical background:


Christ Church, located at the crossroads in the heart of Bristol, is a splendid example of late Renaissance architecture. The present church was built in 1791 to the design of William Paty on the site of one of Bristol’s medieval churches. The former church on the site, the Church of the Holy Trinity, dated from before the Norman Conquest.



“If you have any ancestors who may have been connected with Christ Church Parish from about 1896 to the 1920s or recognise any of the names on this list, you will be pleased to know that we have donated to Bristol City Archives digitised copies of the entire album. BRO Accession references No. 44083 and 44084. Their email address is bro@bristol.gov.uk We have also provided the Bristol & Avon Family History Society with an index and full set of the photos on CD ROM. We were pleased last month to be able to provide an elderly lady with copies of a photograph of her Grandparents, and much to her delight, photos of her parents as young children, photos that she didn’t even know existed. Following this, we decided it was worth digitising the entire album and depositing copies with the City Archives and BAFHS”.

“A printable copy on CD ROM of the entire album, images and notes has been donated to the Bristol and Avon Family History Society and to the Bristol Record Office, (Archives)”.
Christ church
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Adams, Miss E.                                                                                                                  (16)

Baily, Mr. (Sacristan)                                                                                                                                                    --

Barnes, Miss Mary                                                                                                           (36)

Bennett, Charles. (Choir tenor)                                                                                                                                --

Bennett, Hilda (infant in 1896 )                                                                                                                                  --

Bennett, Bertram.                                                                                                                  --

Blackmore, J. C. (Churchwarden)                                                                                           (9)

Boyce, J. J.                                                                                                                         (35)

Brooks, Miss Emily                                                                                                           (48)

Brown, Miss E.                                                                                                                       --

Butler, Miss                                                                                                                       (45)

Butler, Thomas.                                                                                                                      --

Carden, Miss Lottie                                                                                                        (267)

Casely, Miss Emily                                                                                                            (58)

Church, Miss Minnie                                                                                                         (50)

Coates, Miss Susan                                                                                                           (59)

Cooper, Mr. B. (Churchwarden)                                                                                                                                --

Daw, Miss Emma                                                                                                               (64)

Daw, Miss Jane                                                                                                                 (65)

Drew, Mr R.J. (Verger) date unknown 20th cent.                                                                                                   --

Eastbury, George (Parish Trustee)                                                                                       (10)

Edwards, Miss E. (had bells rehung)                                                                                     (69)

Evans, Alfred                                                                                                                       (4)

Fawn, Mr. William J.                                                                                                         (77)

Ferris, Mr. C. M.                                                                                                               (79)

Fowler, Alice Sarah Dou….                                                                                                   --

Gillard, Mr. & Mrs. R. M.                                                                                             (88/9)

Gooden, The Misses Peggy, Betty & Milly                                                                   (97a)

Goodyear, Mr. Fred                                                                                                          (95)

Goodyear, Mrs. Fred                                                                                                         (96)

Goulter, Miss Mary                                                                                                          (97)

Graham, Mr. J.R. (Curate of All Saints, Clifton, then of Christ Church,
where with E.P.Cole he founded the ‘Fraternity of St Michaels’; later Vicar of St Judes)
.                         --

Griffiths, Mr. & Mrs. John                                                                                            (86/7)

Griffiths, Mr. James G. (Churchwarden & Sunday School Superintendent)                                (81)

Guest, Miss Alice                                                                                                              (91)

Guest, Miss Annie                                                                                                             (90)

Guest, Miss Clara                                                                                                             (92)

Harper, J. G.                                                                                                                        (7)

Harper, Master Ernest                                                                                                  (106b)

Harper, Miss Mabel                                                                                                        (105)

Harper, Mrs. J. G.                                                                                                         (106a)

Hollerton, Mrs.                                                                                                                       --

Hollerton, Miss.                                                                                                                     --

Hatton, Miss Alice                                                                                                           (119)

Hillbourne, Miss M. J.                                                                                                    (106)

Hunt, Mrs.                                                                                                                        (116)

Iles, Mrs. C.                                                                                                                     (123)

Jones, Wilfred, (in uniform, Army? Possible Service No. 152604)                                                                    --

Jones, Miss Florence E. (July 1896)                                                                              (120)

Keedwell, Mr. Anthony                                                                                                 (123a)

Keedwell, Mrs. Anthony                                                                                                 (124)

King, Mrs Percy.                                                                                                                    --

Langdon, J. W. (Parish Trustee)                                                                                             (1)

Leighton, Masters Arthur, Percival, Ned, J. A. & R.                                                 (136/7)

Leighton, Miss Alice                                                                                                       (134)

Leighton, Mr. Fred (see Footnote)                                                                                      (135)

Leighton, Mr. R. L. (Headmaster BGS)                                                                               (132)

Leighton, Mrs. R. L.                                                                                                        (133)

Lewis, Evan (Parish Trustee)                                                                                                  (3)

Maggs, Richard (Verger)                                                                                                  (144)

Martin, Miss Alice                                                                                                        (148a)

Miss Louisa Hart,                                                                                                            (112)

Morgan, Thomas                                                                                                             (148)

Parkinson, Miss M. L.                                                                                                    (177)

Parsons, Mr. Frederick                                                                                                   (170)

Pascoe, Miss Susan                                                                                                         (185)

Penfold, Mr. & Mrs.                                                                                                     (154/5)

Pleasance, Misses Agnes & Ada                                                                                 (180/1)

Pleasance, Mr. E. S.                                                                                                      (182a)

Pobjoy, Miss Alice                                                                                                           (156)

Pobjoy, Mr. Charles E.                                                                                                    (157)

Radford, Miss Ada (St John’s School, Redland),                                                                                        (184)

Rowsell, Mr. & Mrs. F. G.                                                                                         (189/90)

Royman, Miss Alice                                                                                                        (183)

Salvage, Miss B. (July 1896)                                                                                          (221)

Sanders, Mr. Richard J.                                                                                                  (212)

Shearn, Mr. William                                                                                                        (199)

Shearn, Mr. (A Crimea War Veteran with Medals)                                                                        --

Shearn, Mrs. William                                                                                                      (198)

Shepherd, Miss E. P.                                                                                                       (200)

Shepherd, Mrs Emma. (neé Bennett)                                                                                   --

St. Hill, Mr. H. O.                                                                                                            (204)

St. Hill, Miss Eva                                                                                                             (202)

St. Hill, Miss Hilda                                                                                                          (203)

St. Hill, Miss Mabel                                                                                                      (200a)

St. Hill, Mr. Arthur                                                                                                          (203)

St. Hill, Mrs.                                                                                                                    (201)

Stroud, John (Parish Trustee)                                                                                                 (2)

Tarr, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred (Parish Chairman)                                                                          26)

Thomas, ( marked ‘Brother Thomas’)                                                                                                                         --

Thomas, Mrs.                                                                                                                 (236b)

Thomas, Mrs. Seth                                                                                                        (236a)

Tonkin, Miss Bessie                                                                                                        (222)

Toogood, Christopher, Ernest & Kate                                                                         (233a)

Tucker, Mary Grace (with Robert Williams)                                                                       (236)

Wade, Mr. S. J.                                                                                                                (266)

Wade, Mrs. S. J.                                                                                                            (266a)

Warner, Master William                                                                                               (263a)

Warner, Mrs.                                                                                                                   (263)

Watkins, Miss Mary                                                                                                       (253)

Watkins, Miss Mabel                                                                                                      (258)

Watkins, Mrs. Ellen                                                                                                        (238)

Wells, Miss Mary                                                                                                            (243)

Wensley, Mrs.                                                                                                                 (247)

Whippey, Mr. Henry                                                                                                       (244)

Whippey, Mrs. Henry                                                                                                      (245)

Williams, Robert. (with Mary Grace Tucker)                                                                        (236)

Willis, Mr. Tom (Sacristan)                                                                                               (239)

Willis, Mrs. Tom                                                                                                              (240)

Winscombe, Mr. Fred J. (Sacristan)                                                                                 (241)

Winscombe, Mrs. Fred J.                                                                                                (242)

Woodland, Miss Annie                                                                                                    (259)




A hand drawn card marked “with heartiest greetings & best wishes for the new Century to…Mrs Cole. January 1st 1901….12:30 AM” and signed by the following Leighton family members could help with handwriting identification: Edmund Leighton, Hilda Leighton, F.F. Leighton, RLL pp Arthur Leighton, Robert L. Leighton, J.W. Leyton, Abee  (or Alice) Leighton, ? ? Leighton



Watch this space for further information

We also plan to provide similar listing and photographic information about life and people in Temple Parish, Bristol, England circa 1920s to 1960s, comprising details of:


o       Temple Colston School Bible class

o       Football Teams

o       Scout groups

o       Temple Colston Old Boys Society, including the annual Colston Day wreath laying at the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol